Thursday, 26 January 2012

Types of Resources available in Project 2010

There are 3 types of Resources available in Microsoft Project 2010
1. Work Resource
2. Material Resource
3. Cost Resource

Work Resource: - Any working individual of your organization or a group of people in your organization can be counted under work resource. E.g. System engineer is a work resource, a group of testers is a work resource.

Material Resource: - Any materialistic thing require in your project is come under material resource. E.g. your project is to build a building, to do that you require cement, bricks etc. these resources like cement, bricks come under material resource.

Cost Resource: - Any miscellaneous cost to project is come under cost resource. E.g. in your project, it may happen that some of your team members are require to go to some other city for some work then their travelling expenses are come under costing of your project, then this kind of expenses like travelling come under cost resource.  

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