Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Task Constraints Available in MSP 2010

Task Constraints are of 3 type
1. Flexible
2. Semi-flexible
3. Inflexible

In Microsoft Project 2010 there are 8 Constraints which can be categorized under above 3 task constraints

Under Flexible type, there are 2 constraints
1. As Late As Possible: - In this type, we schedule a task as late as possible but keeping in mind that it does not delay the next task.
2. As Soon As Possible: - In this type, we schedule a task to start as soon as possible. We do not use any date to specify it.

Under Semi-flexible type, there are 4 Constraints
1. Finish No Earlier Than: - In this type, the task will finish on specified date or after that. The task cannot be finished before that. We specify a constraint date in this constraint.
2. Finish No Later Than: - The task which is assigned this constraint should be finished on or before the specified date.
3. Start No Earlier Than: - When we assigned this constraint to a task then that task cannot be start before the specific date, it should start on that date or after that.
4. Start No Later Than: - The task cannot be begin after the specified date, it should be begin on or before specified date.

Under Inflexible type, there are 2 Constraints
1. Must Finish On: - The task must be finished on specified date. We cannot move the task in Timeline if we set it constraint as ‘Must Finish On’.
2. Must Start On: - In this type, the task should start on specified date. nor later neither earlier than the constraint date.

One Point should be noted that we can set the constraints on our tasks only if we specify them as automatically scheduled. We cannot apply constraints to Manually scheduled tasks. So make your task automatically scheduled and then apply constraints.

Click here to know how to add a Constraint to Tasks

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