Sunday, 27 November 2011

Integration with Excel

As Most of you working on Excel, you have learned MSP but still you want to use Excel for your work. You want that whatever you saved in a cell of excel will update automatically in MS Project. You can do that e.g. that there is a column in excel in which you stored salaries of the employees. You want that whatever change you made in that cell of excel automatically update corresponding cell in MSP. For this to happen follow steps as given below

Step 1 Copy the cell in excel that you want automatically updated in MSP 2010

Step 2 Select the cell in MS Project 2010 where you want that the updated value reflects and then select "Paste Special"

Step 3 A dialog box is open, select "Paste Link" and then click OK

Step 4 Now whatever update you make in excel is automatically reflected in MSP. After making a change in excel as soon as you move the focus from the cell the update is made in MSP.

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